A British Tourist spends 203,550 THB in a Pattaya Bar

A British Tourist spent a hefty amount of 203,550 Thai Baht at the Windmill Club in Pattaya, all in one single night, and left everyone flabbergasted.

On November 19, he went into the Thai Strip Club, and started drinking and conversing with the bar manager Matthew Wagner. He got to know that the highest bill until date was 175,000 baht, paid by an American tourist. Call it the age-old British American rivalry or whatever, he replied, “Well, we can’t let the Americans have everything, I am going to have to beat it.” As soon as he said this, the manager just stared at him, amazed and in disbelief. At that time, his bill was just 70,000 baht.

British Tourist Windmill Club Pattaya

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The Brit businessman then went on buying several rounds of drinks for the coyote dancers. Throughout the long seven-hour party, he ‘bar fined’ the ones he found most attractive. Bar fine is the compensation that one pays to the bar owner for allowing an employee, dancer, etc. to leave the work early and accompany him. It costs 1000 baht per employee.

The Bar has two floors, each with a horn and a bell, and a total of more than fifty dancers. Whenever the horns and bells are pulled, the customer buys drinks for the whole staff. The manager, while reciting the story, gleefully told that the tourist pulled the horns and bells repeatedly on both the floors.

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The tourist bought buckets of ping pong balls, which were bouncing and landing anywhere and everywhere. The dancers were swooping to get them as each one was worth 10 baht.

He told the manager that he earns more in a day than he was gonna spend at the bar that night. He just likes to spread happiness. Let’s face it, money brings happiness to those who need it.

At like 4 am, when the bill reached around 168,000 baht, he started buying shots for everyone at the bar. He also spend more than 30,000 baht towards bar fining. His final bill rose up to 203,550 baht.

His picture along the signed bill was framed and put up on the Windmill Wall of Fame. Matthew said that he was a rather decent customer who was respectful to everyone. He himself had less than 10 beers, and hugged everyone before he left.

Such incidents are not common, and perhaps that’s why people recite them as interesting stories. Have you got any such story to share?

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