Budget Traveling: Tips to Save Money on Travel

All of us have read that quote, “If traveling was free, you’d never see me again.” Traveling is a lifelong romance, and love is a costly affair. Sure, the mountains and oceans never demand any currency, but all travel involves a cost, and most of us travel on a budget. Traveling teaches us to survive in limited means, which in turn helps us push our limits. Here are some tips to save money on travel:

Planning Your Trip

While Planning:

I absolutely love the word ‘planning’, because it is so much fun. So what if almost no plans ever end up being completely followed, the whole process is a treat in itself.

  • Determine your budget and keep it a little flexible.
  • You can try planning your trip in off tourist season and on weekdays rather than weekends to ensure more discounts.
  • Always be on the lookout for the best travel related deals and coupons. Use comparison websites.
  • Join online travel communities and Facebook groups, QnA websites, sign up for newsletters from best travel bloggers and connect with other backpackers. You can create your own budget friendly itinerary with their help.
  • If possible, avoid tour packages and try to conduct your trip yourself, as most of the times, people end up being ripped off by such packages. You might just surprise yourself with how you can travel more by not choosing the overpriced packages.
  • If you are planning to travel to another country, make sure to get the currency exchanged at the best possible rate so that you can get the maximum value.
  • Pack your medicines, water bottle, instant foods, and snacks.

Concerned about your fitness? Here are some tips to stay fit while traveling.




Teleportation might be a possibility in some parallel universe, but for now, as mere humans, we need to use the limited forms of transport available to us.

  • Join frequent flyer programs for bagging reward points and get free tickets.
  • You can book airline tickets for connecting flights.
  • Book a flight directly from the airline app. Many times, they are a bit cheaper than other apps. However, do check prices on other apps before booking.
  • Weigh your luggage beforehand to avoid any extra baggage costs at the airport.
  • Take overnight buses or trains that cost much lesser than the regulars. Also, you will end up saving money on your accommodation for that night.
  • Wherever possible, try hitchhiking.


Accommodation Hacks:

As much as we love the fresh linens, spring mattresses and hot showers in the five star hotels, traveling on budget requires us to look for other options.

  • Use websites like Couchsurfing and stay with the locals wherever you go. That would cost nothing and you can interact with the locals and get to know more about their culture and lives.
  • Instead of hotels, you can choose to stay at home stays, hostels, or home exchanges. It will cost less and you would have company. You can also cook your own meals in the hostels.
  • Hostels with bigger dorms and more beds are cheaper than private rooms.
  • If you need to choose a hotel room, you can choose one away from the main tourist area. It would be cheaper.

exploring new places

While Exploring Your Destination:

When you have finally reached your destination, it’s time to explore. If you want to make the most out of it, try spending the least on it.

  • Explore the city on foot. Walk wherever possible. Better yet, rent a bike.
  • Share cabs with other people to avoid paying extra.
  • Use Wi-Fi wherever possible. Wherever it is legal, prefer WhatsApp and Skype for international calls to save all those international roaming costs.
  • Carry your own water bottle right from your hostel or hotel.
  • Eat like locals and try street food. Not only would it cost less than the fancy restaurants but also you would get the taste of the local cuisine.
  • You can avoid some tourist places where entry tickets are required.
  • While shopping, BARGAIN. Let your inner Indian out.

tips to save money on travel

These were just some of the many tips to save money on your future travels. Travel expenses depend on various factors. Different people end up spending different amount of money for the same amount of time visiting the same places. While you may be able to do it cheap, people who can do it cheaper than you exist in the same world as you.

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