Eating Insects for the first time in Thailand

These days, I am backpacking through Thailand for the second time, and it is weirdly amusing how distinct my experiences are turning out to be. At first, just like the last time, I had everything but eating insects on my Thailand bucket list. Funnily enough, this thing called ‘traveling’ happened. You know what they say: If things creep you out, eat them. Scratch that. I just made that up to sound cool.

Seafood at “The Cooking Crab”:

On 1st of July, a typical Sunday, I was roaming around in Bangkok when I met two other travelers Thanh and Binnie, and immediately hit it off with them. We decided to explore the Chatuchak Weekend Market and were having a good time together.

Sea Food at The Cooking Crab Bangkok

After a while, we went to this place called “The Cooking Crab” for dinner, which was suggested by one of their friends who joined us there. All four of us were set to eat this huge combo meal consisting of the seafood items like shrimps, mussels, squids, clams, smoked sausages, and potatoes and corns. They had this unique way of serving as you can see in the picture. We ate without a plate, with our gloved hands. The place had a fun atmosphere and eating all of it hands on was pleasing in its own way. And not to forget, we ordered some chicken wings and pork too, the food was delicious!

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Eating insects for the first time:

As much as I loved the fresh yummy seafood, I wasn’t feeling full and wanted more, and then we had “the” idea. Thanh, Binnie and I set out on our quest to find insects. It didn’t take long as you would find insect carts on almost every corner in Thailand night markets. The price range for a mixed bag of insects varies from 50 to 60 Bahts. I tried different types of worms, crickets, grasshoppers, and bugs. To my surprise, none of that tasted bad.

Eating Insects in Thailand

One tip here though: If you ever want to try eating insects or some other weird things, keep a drink handy with you. Water or any other drink would help you if you just want to gulp it down, or to help with the unusual taste.

Just look at my expressions. Ha-ha! After the weirdness ended though, I actually enjoyed how they tasted.

Eating fried insects is fun and because of their protein content, their nutritious value is much more than the other street foods. I definitely recommend all those who would want to try this to just go for it! This was utterly a discrete experience for me, and now that it happened, I am glad that it did. Oh wait, I made it happen. And this is just the beginning of one of my many strangely enjoyable experiences on this trip of mine. Travelers always have stories to tell you see. Stay connected for more.

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