My first experience being a naturist – Phuan Naturist Village, Thailand

I am on a night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai while writing this, and I cannot wait to share the experience of my stay at a Naturist resort for the first time. Among many other Naturist resorts in Thailand, I chose Phuan Naturist Village. At first, when I decided to try this, I was not quite prepared for what was about to come, but when I finally did, I was filled with amazement.

Talking about experiences, do you know what else I did for the first time? I tried eating insects at a night market in Thailand.

Now what is Naturism?

Naturism is a practice of being naked in the designated areas and living that way, a movement and culture started and led on by a certain group of people who like to call themselves the naturists. They believe in “being as was originally intended” or in the natural state, hence the term naturism. Some people mistake naturism for sex or as a ticket for all sorts of explicit activities, but that is just not true. Naturism is not just about shedding the clothes; it is about shedding all the inhibitions. It is about being close to the nature and confident in your own skin.

Bungalow Phuan Naturist Village Pattaya

About Phuan Naturist Village:

This resort is a private family resort where you can stay with your friends and family. They believe in making their guests feel like they are staying with their own people and that is why they call it ‘Phuan’, which means friend in Thai. An interesting and unique thing about this resort is that it is the only naturist resort in the world, which is owned and managed by women. Four sisters who have the philosophy “We all have the same roots and we are all branches of the same tree” started this resort.

You can enter the resort only if you have already booked your stay there or are willing to do so. However, if you are staying there, your guests are free to pay you a visit. Many families visit the resort with their children. They don’t allow minors if they are not accompanied by their parents or legal guardian. The rules include the requirement of permission for photography, no sexual activities in public, and you can report if someone is staring at you.

How it went:

I hired a cab from Pattaya to Phuan Naturist Village, excited and nervous at the same time. When I reached, the place and its atmosphere overwhelmed me. Apart from the bungalows and the villas, the resort has a cafe, a large swimming pool, and a game room for the guests, and the hosts are welcoming. At the time of checking in, they handed me the list of rules, and that’s where I met Bruce Kendall who is a naturist for more than 30 years and is a consultant to the Thailand Naturist Association and several naturist resorts in Thailand.

Then the owner Jai escorted me to my bungalow, which was a beautiful wooden cabin with all the amenities. I took a shower and went to talk to Bruce to get some insights on naturism. The resort has a policy that everyone has to follow naturism. However, the ones staying for the first time can wrap a towel for their whole stay or until they get comfortable. And so I was wrapping one.

Swimming Pool Phuan Naturist Village Thailand

Bruce and I sat on the poolside and he elucidated on many things for about half-hour. Then to help me get comfortable with being naked, he told me to get inside the pool for further discussion. Now, they don’t allow wearing clothes or towel in the pool, and as I had no choice, I went in. It was bizarre at first, but then as our discussion went on, I felt more at ease.

He told me more things about naturism. I had no idea about the origination of naturism in Germany, the naturist association and the idea behind the naturist movement. Funny thing, he gets a lot of emails “only” from newly wed Indian couples asking if they can have sex in the swimming pool here. The answer is obviously a no, because it is strictly prohibited. Being in that pool right at that moment, I couldn’t help but wonder how many people would have actually tried it despite the rules.

Later, he bought me a beer and we then played pool with the other guests. I had lunch, and interacted with them for the rest of the day.

At night, I went back to my bungalow after a late dinner. By then, I did not feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, I felt a little different, like a part of something big, not caring if it was or not. I felt free.

Phuan Naturist Village Naturism in Thailand

Next morning, after having a delicious breakfast, I went to Bruce. He invested some more time on me and I finally ditched my towel for good. Then I played pool again, this time as a true naturist.

When I arrived at this resort, I was feeling weird without clothes, and when I left, I was feeling weird in clothes.

Now another question. Why did I choose to do something like this?

I am in Thailand to experience different things and such things are not there in India, but that’s not the reason why I came here. A lot of well educated Indians aren’t even familiar with the term naturism. Those who have a little idea confuse it with sex and explicit activities, so they don’t discuss it. I want to burst their myths and bubbles.

After all the time I spent at this resort, I became comfortable with nudity. There were naked people from both the genders and I had no sexual thoughts.

You can read more about Phuan Naturist Village on their official website.

The idea was to get out of my comfort zone, experience something I had never experienced before, and ditch my inhibitions. I left my insecurities for a while just to end up expanding my comfort zone. This experience would stay with me forever. I recommend others to try this at least once in their lifetime. You have no idea what it can do to you.

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