Renting an apartment in Chiang Mai: Baan Thai Apartments

I am visiting Thailand for the second time and this time I decided to live here like a local for a month. The idea was impromptu, so I started searching for a decent condominium to rent in Chiang Mai. After researching online, I found about the Baan Thai Apartments. They had amazing reviews online, so I decided to go check for myself.

The apartment seemed perfect. The location was excellent, a little away from the main city but amidst the beautiful 24X7 cafes, bars, and restaurants, and just next to 7/11, Tesco Lotus, Starbucks, and McDonald’s. It is in the heart of the Nimman area, not too far from anywhere. Not to forget, it is very economical considering the facilities and services available. Therefore, I decided to rent it.

Here is my apartment tour:

The thing is if you want to rent an apartment in Baan Thai, you need to do it in person. It cannot be done online, and gives you a chance to make sure it caters to all your needs. Therefore, the best idea is to stay at a hostel or a hotel for a night, and then after getting rid of all the extra load of your backpacks and luggage, go and check out the apartments you have shortlisted. In addition, it is best to research online, check various travel forums and groups, and read the reviews of the places you are considering.

Facilities and services:

The various inclusions with the apartment that I have rented are:

  • Double Bed with Spring Mattress
  • TV, Television’s Table, Desk and Chair
  • Telephone
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • Private Bathroom
  • Wardrobe
  • Hot Shower
  • CCTV Cameras
  • 24/7 Guards
  • Parking Facility

The services include cleaning of my apartment once a week. Not to forget, the apartment comes with a balcony with an awesome view and the building has a large swimming pool for all the residents. You can also do your laundry and get water in the building itself by using coins.


Baan Thai Apartments Agreement

As you can see from the image, the monthly rent is 6200 Thai Baht, which roughly turns out to be INR 12800. If you need Wi-Fi services, you would need to pay an extra 500 THB, which is INR 1030. The deposit of 4340 THB is returnable at the end, but there are certain charges which would be deducted from the deposit. Apart from these, you need to pay water and electricity bills as per your usage.

The apartment rents start from 5700 THB, but that room does not include any bedding or cleaning, so I prefer the one I rented.

Here are the pictures of my apartment:

Baan Thai Apartments Nimman Road
Baan Thai Apartments Chiang Mai
Swimming Pool Baan Thai Apartments Chiang Mai
Swimming Pool

What is it like to live in Thailand? Is it the same as living in India?

There are two answers to these questions –

1. Yes, it is pretty much the same as living in India. Is it really? Well, everybody travels differently. If you are one of those travelers who are just going to rent an apartment and spend your entire day sitting there, then living here is not very different than living back in India.

My routine here is not very different than the routine of an average person of my age living in India. I wake up every day, I take a shower and head out for breakfast. I usually go for a coffee after my breakfast, and spend some time working on my laptop there. Later in the evening, I go out for dinner with a friend or two, and come back to my place and go to sleep. But again, this is not what I do every day, I obviously know how to make the most out of my day 😉

2. No, it’s completely different. With 100s of street food options just down the street from my apartment, and several 7/11 stores which are open 24 hours a day, it is nowhere same as living in India.

The traffic here in Chiang Mai is definitely a lot better than the traffic in Delhi. You won’t get to hear people honking, unless that is the only possible option to avoid an accident. Parties here are crazy, night life is just amazing. Booze is super cheap.

Hence, if you want to rent an apartment in Chiang Mai, I would say these apartments are really worth living in.

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I have traveled a lot, sometimes even for more than 5 weeks, but I have never lived in the same place for a month straight, other than my home. So, this is basically the first time when I am living by myself, and that too in a foreign land. After all, our experiences make us what we are. And why not try new ones!

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