How to start a conversation with fellow travelers?

Most of the wandering souls have always liked the idea of solo traveling. It’s not only relaxing, but also changes your perspective about life. When you’re traveling solo, starting a conversation with travelers is as important as food and water. It is one of the things that keep you going. If you’re an introvert or consider yourself boring then it might get difficult for you. At the same time, giving up on talking to new people will more likely make your journey less interesting. It might as well result in ending your trip sooner than you would want it to.

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When you are traveling around the world, you will most likely be going to tourist places. You might as well choose to stay in budget hostels over expensive hotels. This means that most of the people around you will be just like you, tourists. Talking to strangers is often difficult, but not when you know that they want to talk to you too. I don’t doubt your abilities of initiating a quick conversation, but here are a few tips to help you do it the right way.

starting a conversation with travelers

Starting a conversation with travelers:

1. Stay cool:

This one is about the attitude, yours not theirs. If you act like you’re a boss and they should come and greet you, then you’re mistaken. Nobody cares if you’re richer; they are traveling on their money not yours. Be cool and people will definitely come and talk to you.

2. Judge:

What I do before saying “hi” to a person is to secretly judge them and I love making perceptions based on my judgments, not to forget that I am right most of the time. No, I am not asking you to judge them on the basis of their ethnicity, what I am saying is to do a quick sherlock scan, and find something which falls in their list of interests. When you are done judging, it’s time to look them in the eye.

3. Smile:

We have always been told to smile at strangers and believe me, it always works. All of us have been so occupied in our lives with one thing or the other that we often forget how something as little as smiling can do wonders for us. So when you smile at strangers, they will get these vibes of ease and most of them will surely smile back at you. That my friend, is the right time to say “hey there” or “nice hairstyle bro”.

4. Handshake:

After exchanging the smiles and first word or two, go for that handshake, it is much needed. I remember this one time, I met this girl and we talked for like 10 good minutes before I realized that I missed out on something very important. I did not think if it would make things awkward or not, I went for the handshake and that marked the beginning of our friendship.

5. Introduce yourself:

A brief introduction with your name and a little story will help you make room for yourself in their memory. Once you’re done introducing yourself, listen to everything that they say very carefully and make sure to get their name and details right, not because you have to verify them, but you would definitely like to address them with the correct name.

6. Find mutual interests:

You can start by complimenting them. After all who doesn’t like compliments? Or you can talk about their backpack, shoes or any other accessory that looks appealing. Alternatively, you can talk about travel, food or other topics that majority of people are interested in. After a while, you will easily be able to narrow down their interests and if you have knowledge about that stuff then discuss it with them, if not then let them talk and ask them all the questions that you have in mind.

From there on, you can ask for their Instagram or Facebook account. Who knows you might end up making a lifelong friend just by starting a conversation with a stranger.

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