How to stay fit while traveling?

Health is wealth, grass is green and the sky is blue. Everybody knows these things just too well. All of us know that we need to stay healthy and take care of our bodies. Doesn’t it get difficult to stay fit while you’re traveling? Aren’t most of us guilty of ditching eating right and exercise in the name of traveling or vacationing? Once in a while is alright but making it a habit doesn’t do any good to us. If we continue such habits, before we know, we would be carrying swollen bellies and feel bloated all the time. And no one wants that. Here are some quick tips to help you stay fit while traveling:

stay fit while traveling

Eat local think global:

This was literally the fitness nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s motto in her book “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight”. She couldn’t stress it more. Wherever you travel to, the best way to stay healthy is to eat the local produce and the seasonal food. Why, you ask? Our digestive systems are influenced by the climate, altitude, etc of the places we are in. And hence, it’s best to eat according to these factors. So eat momos in Ladakh, pasta in Venice and mangoes in the summer!

Stick to routines:

Early to sleep, early to rise may be the best way to stay healthy. The second best way is to sticking to our routines. When we have a set routine for ourselves, our bodies learn to function according to it. It’s like clockwork. Hence, while traveling, it’s important to maintain a routine and sticking to it. Honorary mention: Always, always, always have your breakfast.

Keep snacks and water handy:

Most of us would relate to going out for shopping and not eating anything for hours, and then binge eating everything we can get our hands on. The same happens with traveling too. This pattern becomes a problem for us in staying fit while traveling. The best solution is to keep some snacks like apple, soy milk, peanuts; and a reusable water bottle with us all the time. Hence, by staying hydrated and eating at regular intervals, we can curb all those mini hungers.


All of us know how much important it is to sleep. It helps our body in healing itself. And it becomes utmost important while we are traveling, because we can never enjoy until we are fully rested. All the more reason to take mini naps while waiting for those flights, trains or buses. Just make sure to wake up on time and not miss them. And while we’re at it, meditation is good for the body and the mind as well.

Walk & Exercise:

Best way to stay fit while traveling is to explore the place on foot. Walking provides a good cardio to your body. Take a walk to most of your “to-visit places” list of the city you’re in. Also, while traveling, it’s best to find however much time you can to exercise or stretch your body. Even taking as little as 5 minutes out in your Hotel room or Hostel room for exercising can be great.

Adventure Sports:

It’s a good idea to stay fit while traveling and have fun while doing so, right? An awesome idea is to try out the adventure sports wherever we travel to, if they’re available, obviously. Besides, you’ll cherish those paragliding, river rafting, deep sea diving, sky diving and bungee jumping memories for much longer than you can imagine.

Now you know how little things such as eating right, sleeping on time and taking a walk can help you in staying fit while traveling. Hence, fitness concerns should no longer stop you from making those serious travel plans.

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