How Traveling Can Help You Fight Depression

Depression… A feeling that I wish I could explain in words. Sadly, it’s not possible. I might be able to write that the thought of facing other people is scary. And that you want to get out of and still hide in the same place at the same time; but in actuality, it’s much scarier. Depressed people always feel that nobody would get them. But consolation, if any, is that most of us feel this very way at some point or the other. Been there, felt that. So trust us when we say that traveling can help you fight depression.

How Traveling Can Help You FIght Depression

We don’t feel like getting out of the bed and the thought of being out there seems rather impossible. If only it was that easy. It’s not. We know. But that’s the catch. The first step is always the most difficult one, and there’s always some risk. But what’s life without some risk?

Here are some ways how traveling can help you fight depression:

No Judgments:

Imagine being in a whole new place where no one knows you. No one knows about your life. You are just a stranger to everybody around you. Yes, the idea is overwhelming but also kind of awesome. No one would judge you, because they don’t know you. You can leave your past for a while and be someone else.

Nature heals:

Just a little morning walk in a park can do wonders for us. Imagine what actually getting out in the nature would do to you. Nature itself is a healer. That’s why they say that healing is a natural process. Be it some physical ailment or mental stress, time and nature can always heal it.

Not stuck in a Box:

It’s unsettling to stay at one place every day. The nights are particularly more difficult, making you wonder if this is it, if you’re meant to let your days and nights pass you by like this. There is somehow a conflict going on within you 24×7. Traveling enables you to not be stuck in a box anymore.

Meeting new people:

Traveling can help you fight depression, because it allows you to meet new people. When their stories start unfolding to us, we realize how full we were of ourselves. We realize that everybody faces some struggles. Life is unfair but it’s unfair to everyone. We start appreciating life and start seeing a bigger picture. All of it sounds too philosophical, but this is what happens.

Find yourself:

People always say “Find yourself”. Traveling helps you in finding yourself. There’s this famous quote, “Not all those who wander are lost”. To find yourself, you have to be lost. If you’re lost, you have to wander around. When you do that, you would somehow be found. When you travel, you’re out of a place that felt like a cage. And when you’re out, you have a chance to meet the “free you”.

Connecting by disconnecting:

Depressed or not, most of us are almost always using our phones or laptops. Studies have shown that these contribute to depression too. When we travel to a new place, we are right there, observing everything. We are living right in the present moment. By disconnecting from these man made lifelines, we finally start connecting to the natural flow of life.

Traveling may still seem like a difficult choice, but give it a chance. There are no quick fixes in life, but at least it’s a form of remedy. If this is not a good enough reason for you to pack your bags, then we have got some more reasons to inspire you here – 10 Reasons why you should travel more.

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