10 Reasons why you should travel more

It’s funny how we start looking for inspirational reasons to do something that we know somehow would be good for us, but we look for them anyway. And it’s alright because other people like to write and post.  You know what this one’s about. Here we have listed 10 reasons why you should travel more:

Why You Should Travel More

1. Out of the box:

“Arjun, insaan ko dabbe me sirf tab hona chahie jab wo mar chuka ho”, which loosely translates to “You should be in a box only when you’re dead”, is an epic line from the Bollywood movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Need I say more? In a world where people are constantly telling us to think “out of the box” while we are living “in a box”, nothing good can happen unless we come out of it.

2. Perfect Escape:

All of us get so involved in the monotony of life. We reach a point where nothing seems interesting anymore. We want an escape and Oh so badly! Maybe we aren’t supposed to be stuck in a rut, and that’s why we always feel like something is missing. Rightly put by someone, “We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us”.

3. Expands your perspective:

Most of us live with one set of thoughts and ideals all our life and we somehow get comfortable with it. We don’t realize when we become so rigid that we don’t even feel like considering new ideas or possibilities. We carry with ourselves all the cultural or religious (and what not!) differences and we have our own perceptions of the world. Wouldn’t it be great if we start identifying ourselves as one big family, or as leaves of the different branches belonging to the same tree, which are essentially the same? Well, that’s what traveling does to you.

4. Out of your comfort zone:

Yes, the couch you’re sitting on is so comforting! Pardon me if you aren’t sitting on a couch. Well, I am! And the same bed, your own comfy bed with those pillows every single night. But is it enough? We can discover our true abilities only when we are out of our comfort zones. And movies like Wild, 127 Hours, Into the Wild (and many more) make this point very clear.

5. Experiences and learning:

Books help us in attaining knowledge by providing information, but traveling helps us in earning experiences. And what is life, but a collection of experiences? We learn so many new things when we travel to different places. All that experience can’t ever be felt by sitting behind the computer screen or by reading a book.

6. New People:

Let’s say you’re on a train, and the person sitting beside you is reading a book with a really interesting cover. Don’t you like the idea of initiating a conversation about the book? And who knows what you might end up with: a lifelong acquaintance, guide or maybe even the love of your life. Traveling helps you connect to new people, know their life stories, know that this world is a much friendlier and more welcoming place than what we credit it for.

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7. Local Culture & Art:

What would be more beautiful than to be a little more than what we are, to be a part of some new culture or to learn a new art form where it originated? There is a reason that people around the world prefer India for spirituality. All of us are diverse and what’s better than the idea of cherishing that diversity by trying something new?

8. Food:

Who doesn’t love good food? And Naina, who wants to eat daal chawal for the rest of their lives? (YJHD reference). Traveling allows us to taste all the different cuisines at the very places they originally belong to. Yes, almost all cuisines are globally available, but I’m sure Cheese would be much tastier in France and Spain than in India. No wonder they say “Eat local, think global”.

9. To go within, go out:

Everyone says that we can only find peace within us and no matter howsoever spiritual it sounds (or is); we need to be present in the present moment. We are alive right now, but almost always dwelling in the past or future. But whenever we visit a new place, we are right in this very moment, in awe of this new place. So, one of the side effects of traveling is that we become calmer and more peaceful.

10. Because, why not? :

Let’s face it, traveling is fun. Even a small vacation is so regenerating! This post felt like one of my papers where I write whatever heading I feel is less than inappropriate and then paragraphs to fill the gaps.

You made it to the end of the post, which means my purpose is well served. So stop looking for reasons why you should travel more, and maybe go and make some travel plans.

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